BK Brawler Admits Battering Worker, Lying To Police. Says Cops Will “Have To Come And Get Me.”

While admitting to battering one Burger King employee and giving police a phony name, the Alabama woman whose videotaped spring break outburst has become a YouTube hit said today that she believes prosecutors have overcharged her in reaction to news coverage of the incident.

Claiming that Florida law enforcement officials “want all the publicity,” Nekiva Hardy, 30, said she has been hit with a felony and three additional misdemeanors because investigators think “this girl is making a joke of it. She has so many views on YouTube.”

“Florida is a jacked up state,” observed Hardy, who was originally charged with a single misdemeanor battery count for the March 19 melee at the oceanfront eatery in Panama City Beach.

“I ain’t blaming nobody but myself,” said Hardy. “I pulled that girl’s hair, that’s a simple battery. I’m guilty of that.” But, referring to several Burger King employees, she added, “Them bitches ticked me off.” Hardy also admitted telling police she was “Kimesa Smith,” the name of a friend in her hometown of Montgomery.

Hardy also copped to lying to police (and TSG) when she claimed that she had traveled to Florida with three of her four children. If cops thought she had to care for her young children, Hardy surmised, they would be less likely to keep her in custody.

Asked if she expected to travel to Florida and surrender on the five counts, Hardy replied, “Fuck them, they’ll have to come and get me.” She added, however, “It’s gonna be hard to find me.”

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