BK Brawler Admits Battering Worker, Lying To Police. Says Cops Will “Have To Come And Get Me.”

While admitting to battering one Burger King employee and giving police a phony name, the Alabama woman whose videotaped spring break outburst has become a YouTube hit said today that she believes prosecutors have overcharged her in reaction to news coverage of the incident.

Claiming that Florida law enforcement officials “want all the publicity,” Nekiva Hardy, 30, said she has been hit with a felony and three additional misdemeanors because investigators think “this girl is making a joke of it. She has so many views on YouTube.”

“Florida is a jacked up state,” observed Hardy, who was originally charged with a single misdemeanor battery count for the March 19 melee at the oceanfront eatery in Panama City Beach.

“I ain’t blaming nobody but myself,” said Hardy. “I pulled that girl’s hair, that’s a simple battery. I’m guilty of that.” But, referring to several Burger King employees, she added, “Them bitches ticked me off.” Hardy also admitted telling police she was “Kimesa Smith,” the name of a friend in her hometown of Montgomery.

Hardy also copped to lying to police (and TSG) when she claimed that she had traveled to Florida with three of her four children. If cops thought she had to care for her young children, Hardy surmised, they would be less likely to keep her in custody.

Asked if she expected to travel to Florida and surrender on the five counts, Hardy replied, “Fuck them, they’ll have to come and get me.” She added, however, “It’s gonna be hard to find me.”

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Love that logic "Deys gonna hafta come get me!" Somewhere in Florida there's a few cops thinking "Game on...". LOL....
ah mo whoop dat aaaahhh
I think I saw a pair of eyes peering out from her left flaring nostril...somebodys is hiding up in there!!!
If TSG removed the posts that include name-calling... well, it would eliminate the need for that next server storage upgrade. You know what would be funny? If on April 1st, just as a joke, everyone posts just thoughtful, intelligent stuff (no matter what your opinion, race, or political party is).
While your post is thoughtful and you're trying to be helpful, your idea is a bit anti-American because it stifles freedom of speech and it only serves to facilitate intolerant people who don't like to see anything that goes against their way of thinking. The trouble with that is who is to be the one to decide whos way of thinking is the correct way? Some posts are comical and conservative and some are liberal and conservative while some are obnoxious and a little bit funny and others are comments of concern while others are just plain mean-spirited. And I suspect that some people use different emails and user names, but are actually the same person. If you'll notice though, it's the leftists who cry foul and try to demand the conservatives be silenced and they say nothing about the nasty racist remarks that are posted. Where is the fairness with that?
Egads! I've spoken out against the First Amendment! Not really. I'm not advocating any "right way of thinking" or any limits on speech. That's why I made the point of saying "any point of view, etc." My beef is just with the name-calling; once someone resorts to that, it doesn't really matter how insightful their comments are. I've gotta go, The Waltons is starting.
I see your point, I.M. Jussayin.
LOL Only on TSG would a bunch of racist redneck conservatives use a 'BK Brawler' news article as a vehicle to express their ignorant, conspiracy-mongering idiocy. In the end, it all comes down to them not wanting a black guy telling them what to do. Stop inbreeding and huffing bargain bin glue. At least buy Elmer's. LMAO
As if you left-wingers don't jump all over a report about a conservative, so that's rather hypocritical of you. But of course, you only want people to see YOUR comments and how dare I have an opposing opinion. It's funny that whenever you leftists see something you don't like and afraid others might, you claim it's a conspiracy when the real conspiracy is what the Democrats have been propagating in back rooms and caucus meetings for years. And now that it's come into the light and the public is rejecting it because it's a disater, you all can't stand, that once again, your pie-in-the-sky utopian ideals prove sillier than ever. Grow up and be an adult for once and stop with the pipe dreams, already. Leftists are people who want to seem 'cooler' and more ingenius and more innovative than anyone else, so they go around trying to change the world in hopes of gaining idoltry from the masses, but they always end up hurting some people while uplifting others and then in the end, hurting those they try to uplift. It really gets comical when they bumps heads and start turning on each other in their quest for domination which is hilarious because it all starts out with the claim that all they want is for people to be equal.
Your predictable view that liberals want to silence conservatives is not based on fact, but as usual with your kind, based on emotion and protective reflexes. Governments are not covens or cults or intangible entities; few things are so simplistic. If you think Obama is 'propagating' behind the scenes, then yes, you are a conspiracy-mongerer. Evolution has not been kind to conservatives, so they make up for their lack of intelligence with demagoguery and fantasy-prone 1950s idolatry. Excuse liberals for believing in empathy and solidarity and striving to make life better for all humans and not just the uneducated elite.