BK Brawler’s Triumphant Return To Florida (And By "Triumphant" We Mean Cuffed And Stuffed)

Three weeks after busting up a Florida Burger King while dressed in a flowery bikini, Nekiva Hardy returned last night to the Sunshine State--handcuffed and in the back of a police cruiser.

Hardy had spent most of the past two weeks in a Montgomery, Alabama jail after Florida investigators issued an arrest warrant stemming from her videotaped March 19 antics at the oceanfront Panama City Beach eatery.

Hardy, 30, was picked up yesterday in Alabama by deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and transported to a Panama City lockup.

Pictured above in a mug shot taken last night, Hardy appeared this afternoon in court via a video hookup from jail. Bail was set at $50,000 for Hardy, who is facing a felony criminal mischief charge and four misdemeanors.

The BK Brawler is next due in Circuit Court on May 10.

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Give me a break. The only reason the BK Brawler thinks she can get away with assault is because she prayed to her god, and god told her it was OK. As everyone knows, only right-wingers are god freaks. You Republicans better reel her in before she becomes the BK Killer.
Sorry, she and Barry pray to jeebus every night for more free stuff and more a dat affirmative action.
In reality, Nekiva Hardy is probably a 99er on welfare who snorts Tylenol with codeine. She probably has no interest in politics. However, if presented with short, comprehensive showboating campaigns by both Republicans and Democrats, Hardy would vote Republican. She'd want to be capable of easily obtaining a firearm on a whim; she'd want lower taxes in the deluded hope she'd be saving money; she'd want smaller government cuz she don't need no government agency telling her what not to do; and she'd want tighter immigration laws so them Mexicos don't take all'rr jobs. Clearly, the unsavvy BK Brawler will inevitably vote Republican cuz she don't understand no politics.
Only you idiots can make this dumbass chick's crime into political shiat. Both parties are *** us, and blindly standing by one party just makes you as dumb as the BK Brawler.
seriously. divided we stay,and united we'll fall.
candygirl, Let me educate you a little bit. The reason she is in this mess, has to do with her pea sized brain. She is not smart enough to learn from her mistakes. She is mentally challenged,racially motivated and a complete and litteral moron.Her looks gives her away. She was shorted when the dear lord was passing out genes. I feel sorry for her. Three kids, welfare, and not smart enough to be gainfully employed. Who do you think is going to pay for her support to get out of jail? Yes you are right. Us working, tax paying, law abideing citizens. Make her go to Burger King and make her work it off.
A shorter explanation is 'fatherless welfare garbage'. Questions?
She has Boenhner's eyes, Mitch's smirk, Trump's hairdresser, left brain of Palin, right brain of Bachmann, Limbaugh's nose, Beck's eyebrows, Cantor's forehead and the non- intellect of ron paul. The ideal Republican for 2011.
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Jackson in drag would make him look more like Mitch in his pajamas, However, 5 days of crack and whoring sound alot more like Jackson we all know...