BK Brawler’s Triumphant Return To Florida (And By "Triumphant" We Mean Cuffed And Stuffed)

Three weeks after busting up a Florida Burger King while dressed in a flowery bikini, Nekiva Hardy returned last night to the Sunshine State--handcuffed and in the back of a police cruiser.

Hardy had spent most of the past two weeks in a Montgomery, Alabama jail after Florida investigators issued an arrest warrant stemming from her videotaped March 19 antics at the oceanfront Panama City Beach eatery.

Hardy, 30, was picked up yesterday in Alabama by deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and transported to a Panama City lockup.

Pictured above in a mug shot taken last night, Hardy appeared this afternoon in court via a video hookup from jail. Bail was set at $50,000 for Hardy, who is facing a felony criminal mischief charge and four misdemeanors.

The BK Brawler is next due in Circuit Court on May 10.

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All that and she still voted for Obama
Does she really look as if she's EVER voted??
LOL! Good comment!
Duh...... Winning!
Wow, she just gets prettier and prettier with each booking doesn't she? I thought she was ugly as hell in those first two mugshots...but damn! she's just a crazy dangerous criminal who happens to be one fugly woman!!
DOH !!!
The BK Brawler is so unabashedly Republican, she has a chance of hurting her party this election.
Don't start trying to put your ugly lefties on the republican side. They don't want her busted ass either!
LOL! Sure sparky. You ought to try these sorts of comments on your little sister first.
She is definitely related to the famous Homer Simpson, hair extentions are absent and the smug look on her face won't be there after they put her in jail...why do chickenhawk tea baggers always find time to blame POTUS Obama for someone else's stupidity????