Things Not To Say (Or Admit) To A Law Enforcement Agent (#8)

Meet Shatorrian Ranette Kamakao Howard.

The 20-year-old is due in a Florida courthouse next week to answer charges stemming from her arrest last month following a traffic stop in Okaloosa County.

Howard, pictured in the mug shot at right, was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy when radar caught her speeding. Howard, who claimed she was late picking up her brother for a job interview, was unable to produce a driver’s license.

When Deputy Matthew Christmas told Howard that she could not continue driving the 2009 Pontiac (and that someone would have to retrieve the vehicle), she began screaming at the cop, according to a probable cause statement.

As recounted by Christmas, Howard “started yelling at me that I was a ‘stupid gay ass cracker.’” As Christmas and another deputy sought to handcuff her, Howard flailed her arms and remarked that “she wanted to spit in our face.”

Howard was charged with obstruction, driving without a license, and marijuana possession (after partially burnt blunts were found inside her car).