This Four Loko Police Still Life Is Suitable For Framing

This still life comes courtesy of the cops in Washington state who concluded that Four Loko--the elixir of choice among collegians seeking speedy inebriation--was responsible for the hospitalization this month of students attending a house party at Central Washington University.

The evidence photo, snapped by a Cle Elum Police Department officer, shows some of the aftermath of the October 8 bash that left some partygoers so plastered that friends worried they had been dosed with the date rape drug.

In Four Loko’s defense, however, the indiscriminate mixing of Dr. Pepper and Skyy Vodka has also been known to produce toxic results.

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You know, when you think you need a bit extra to impress on a date, pull out that "date rap drug," break out a beat, and tell your story old school y'all.
A prohibition of the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko continues to be implemented in Washington state. A controversy about the danger of the drinks began after several students of Central Washington University were admitted to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. The students had consumed the drinks at a party in a small town near the college. Other states are outlawing it and similar drinks, and restricting sales.
What is a "date rap drug" and where can I get some?
"Alcoholic Energy Drink"?!? Gosh, in my day we had to mix our own Jolt + instant coffee + vodka. Kids today are spoiled...