Cops: Mother Sent Bullied Son To School With Knife, BB Gun

Claiming that her son was being bullied at school, a Connecticut woman admitted to police that she placed a BB gun and a folding knife into the 12-year-old’s backpack before he left for class last Friday.

Sylvia Mojica, 38, told Hartford Police Department cops that her child had been “getting harassed and threatened on a daily basis for at least two weeks” at Burns Elementary School, according to a police report (click here to download a PDF). Mojica added that she had registered several complaints with faculty members and had attempted to contact the school’s principal.

School administrators and police learned of the weapons in the boy’s backpack after he was involved in a confrontation with “a group of Hispanic males” after school Friday. The child admitted that his mother had “encouraged him to bring the BB gun and the knife to school.” The boy, who said he had not used the weapons, turned the items over to Principal Lourdes Soto.

Mojica, pictured in the above mug shot, was arrested on a felony risk of injury to a minor charge. Her son was issued a juvenile court summons for carrying a dangerous weapon.

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Is this Steven Tyler? "Living on the Edge!"
Wow!! Seriously!!! Look at this being's mug shot? ONLY a BB gun and a knife? From the photo I would expect maybe hatchets, explosives or a biological agent! Joking aside... if this being is not separated permanently from her offspring and the offspring put through deep psychological therapy, the judge is not doing his/her job!