Someone Needs To Dog Walk This Degenerate Animal Abuser

What kind of a degenerate dresses up in a dog costume and then records himself performing sex acts on his Siberian Husky?

Police allege that Christian Nichols, 21, did just that in his residence outside Tampa, Florida.

Nichols, seen at right, was arrested yesterday on aggravated animal cruelty and obscenity charges. He was locked up in the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bond in advance of a court hearing this afternoon.

Investigators were able to track back vile video and photos posted on the internet to Nichols. Officials last month learned of the online material from an out-of-state tipster.

A search of the unemployed Nichols’s home yielded multiple videos of him sexually abusing dogs (one 5:16 video was labeled “sexslave.wmv”). Another video, a court filing reveals, “depicts an adult male dressed in an animal costume having anal sex with a German Shepherd dog.”

Police say that Nichols was “dressed in a black and white Husky dog costume” while he had inappropriate contact with one canine.

Nichols abused one dog, named Ember, with multiple sex toys. At one point during a video, Ember, cops say, "appeared to be in distress" and tried to run away. Nichols responded by “striking the dog with a sex toy.”

When confronted yesterday by police, Nichols reportedly confessed to abusing the Siberian Husky. After Nichols was taken into custody, Ember and a second dog were removed from the defendant's home and placed in the custody of animal welfare workers.