New Yorker Seeks $900,000,000,000,000 Settlement Over Placement Of Her Kids In Foster Care

A New York woman whose two boys were removed from her custody by child welfare officials has filed a federal lawsuit accusing city officials of violating her civil rights (as well of those of her offspring).

To make things right, Fausat Ogunbayo, 46, would like $900 trillion, according to her lawsuit, which was filed last week in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

Ogunbayo contends that her children--now aged 16 and 13--were improperly placed in foster care in mid-2008 after Administration for Children Services workers asserted that mental health problems left her unable to properly care for her children.

Contending that she is, in fact, mentally stable, Ogunbayo argues in her complaint that government officials “recklessly disregarded” her “right to family integrity,” and likely caused her children to suffer emotional and mental distress.

As a result, Ogunbayo, who recently worked for Hertz, is seeking a high 15-figure payout. City officials have yet to respond to the Staten Island resident's January 31 lawsuit.