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Ne-Yo Rider


Along with pocketing $175,000 per show, the R&B singer Ne-Yo requires concert promoters to stock his dressing room with three bottles of pinot noir, three bottles of riesling, and two bottles of the very pricey Ace of Spades champagne, according to his 2011 tour rider.

The performer (real name: Shaffer Smith) also needs one bottle of Ketel One--but not to actually drink.

The 31-year-old singer stipulates that the vodka be placed in his wardrobe room, where it will be “Used for cleaning.” The rider, excerpted here, does not further describe whether garments, surfaces, or performers are being cleansed with the 80 proof spirits.

Ne-Yo’s vodka request (never previously seen by TSG on a tour rider) is likely to prompt attempts at one-upmanship in hip-hop circles. In fact, it is likely that Rick Ross will demand Hennessy sponge baths at his next gig.

Ne-Yo’s dressing room--carrying a sign reading “The Gentleman”--must also be outfitted with Dove body wash, Listerine, Crest toothpaste, Nivea spray deodorant, Advil, a “medium bristle” toothbrush, DayQuil sinus medicine, and Nivea or Jergens lotion. (2 pages)

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