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50 Cent '07 Rider

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent's 2007 rider asks promoters to violate federal laws when they stock his dressing room prior to a concert. But the rapper, who has done time for dabbling in drugs and guns, is not likely facing judicial peril, since he is only demanding that a box of Cuban cigars (Montecristos, specifically) be waiting for him backstage.

U.S. law bars citizens from buying or importing Cuban cigars, and violations of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations can carry jail terms and hefty fines. However, prosecutions for such cigar crimes are rare, so the 32-year-old performer (real name: Curtis Jackson) can continue to light up with impunity. Because is there anything better than lighting up a Robusto following a dinner of KFC and Hennessy? (4 pages)

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Typical nonsense for the noise makers.

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Lady Gaga wants her tuna in a pouch. That's a backstage demand, not a dirty song lyric.

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