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Trevor Noah Rider

Here is a look at Trevor Noah's 2023 tour rider, which emphasizes the importance of throat lozenges and the comedian’s devotion to a certain flame-grilled chicken.

Along with “100% sole star billing in all advertising and publicity,” the 39-year-old performer reserves the right to cancel a gig if something better comes along, like a movie role, TV series, or “any Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe or Atlantic City type engagement.”

Noah’s dressing room, promoters are told, needs to be stocked with with Throat Coat tea, Vocalzone lozenges, Entertainer’s Secret throat spray, a box of Grether’s Pastilles lozenges, and Manuka honey. Also an assortment of Larabar energy bars and four “Muscle Milk protein shakes.”

Compared to some stars, Noah’s demands are moderate and he seeks to dissuade the stuffing of his dressing room with extra grub: “We do not like to waste food. We appreciate your kindness but please don’t provide more perishable food than is requested.”

While Noah’s “talent party...will always want to order from local restaurants,” there is one exception: “UNLESS there is a Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken in your city. Nando’s will always supersede any other artist and crew catering.”

Nando’s, founded in South Africa, is a multinational chain known for its flame-grilled chicken and hot sauces. While Nando’s has opened more than 1200 restaurants worldwide since 1987, the firm’s U.S. outlets number only a few dozen (with none in New York or Los Angeles).

Noah likely discovered the majesty of Nando’s while growing up in Johannesburg.

As seen below, the rider also includes one of the “Trevor Renderings” produced to show how Noah’s stage and lighting are to be set up. (3 pages)

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