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Woman Claims Ex-Husband Put A Spell On Her

Bizarre complaint filed with Georgia sheriff's deputy

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Spell Police Report

MARCH 13--A Georgia woman and her adult daughter yesterday went to a sheriff’s office to report that the younger woman’s ex-husband had cast a spell on her and her home, investigators report.

The duo lodged their complaint Tuesday afternoon with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, according to an incident report authored by Deputy D. Boyd.

Mychia Vang and her mother, Pang Khang, charged that Vang’s former spouse had placed her and her Winder, Georgia residence “under a spell or spells.” Bruce Lor, Vang’s 28-year-old former spouse, reportedly did this with the assistance of his mother (who is not named in the report).

To support their claim, Vang and Khang “stated they believe this because Mr. Lor was able to know what they do and where they go.” Additionally, Lor’s purported spell “caused Ms. Vang’s recent health issues,” alleged the pair.

Deputy Boyd noted that Vang and Khang “stated these issues have been going on for the past year since her divorce.”

Since there was not much Boyd could do to investigate the purported spell casting, he advised Vang that “a report would be written documenting the incident.” His report added that, “There is no audio or video of this incident.” (1 page)