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Tenacious D

The band Tenacious D (comedian Jack Black and Kyle Gass) enjoys fine mustard, wants their news in a printed format, and requires “ice (frozen H20 otherwise known as water),” according to its 2010 tour rider.

The performers demand “3 Current newspapers (NY Times/USA Today/Local)” and “1 Bottle of Brown Mustard (must be VERY tasty and delicious)” in their main dressing room, while their “family room” is expected to be stocked with mustard that is “equally as tasty the one in Band room,” as well as a “large bar of dark chocolate (with highest % of Chocolate possible).” A large deli platter, with “turkey based meats,” and a cheese platter with “assorted cheddars" are also required.

The duo is just as exacting with its catering demands. The rider details a rotating dinner menu that suggests steak and seafood should be served on Tuesdays, with “Thai, stirfry, or Indian food dishes” provided on Saturdays.

Promoters are alerted that moshing and crowd surfing could occur at a gig, but that those audience activities were not solely grounds for a patron’s ejection. The rider also includes a stage schematic showing where Black and Gass stand in relation to their sidemen, who are identified as guitarist “Anti-Jesus,” drummer “Colonel Sanders,” and “Charlie Chaplan,” the Tenacious D bassist. (6 pages)

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I'm surprised they don't ask for rocket sauce! HA! Although the demands are high, I have to respect the request for general hospitality!

Random Demands

Two (2) Tubes Krazy Glue

No, guitarist John Mayer does not use the super adhesive to bind groupies together.

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