MUG SHOTS: Pretty Perps

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has anybody noticed that she's growing at an accelerated rate from the ears up? ears, forehead/skull, army-regulation size knotted rope-hair, giant eyeballs? that baby-sized chin better catch up or she's gonna look like mr. mackie from south park in no time.
Lil Lupe
If you pull her pigtails she will scream.
she looks very expensive and troubled
she looks very expensive and troubled
The girls here funny, just want to play hide and go seek. My language improving, but i'm so, so sore.
Nein. I did not know he vas das Poliz,
OMG look what happened to Heidi
There is just SOMETHING about those girls with pigtails...
Thindy? Thindy Brady, ith that you?
See, there was this big, bad wolf and he told me to follow him into the woods............
Grab my tails daddy!!!!!!!!!!!
Pipi Longstocking I wanna be.