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Female Trio Busted For Street Brawl Gone Viral

Video shows victims swarmed outside Delaware home

Delaware street brawl

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Dover Street Brawl Affidavit

3/9 UPDATE: Cops bust four more Dover street brawlers

MARCH 7--A wild street brawl captured on video (and gone viral online) has resulted in the arrest of three female assailants and Delaware cops are confident that additional busts will follow.

As seen in the below video (which contains profanities), a verbal dispute turned violent when two Dover residents were attacked by a swarm of neighbors who punched and stomped the victims in front of their East Reed Street home.

Police began investigating the March 2 attack shortly after receiving a 911 call about “a large fight at that location,” according to Captain Tim Stump of the Dover Police Department.

On Thursday, cops arrested Gloria Bolden, 44; Latasha Wright, 22; and Jazzmen Bolden, 19, in connection with the beating (they are pictured below, left to right). Each defendant was charged with disorderly conduct, conspiracy, and two counts of assault.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the female victim, 33, was briefly hospitalized after suffering fractured ribs and a collapsed lung during the attack. The male victim, 24, received stitches for a laceration on his head.

In an e-mail, Stump noted that he was “confident more arrests will follow.” That police probe is likely being aided by the fight video, which surfaced over the weekend and clearly shows many of the suspects who participated in the beating. (1 page)

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Anybody ever notice that these sorry so-called thugs can't seem to win a fight that's "one on one"? They're only capable of fighting when it's 6 on one or whatever. What a bunch of pu**ies.
A week doesn't go by that we don't see an example of this sort of behavior. What a disgraceful subculture.