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Female Trio Busted For Street Brawl Gone Viral

Video shows victims swarmed outside Delaware home

Delaware street brawl

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Dover Street Brawl Affidavit

3/9 UPDATE: Cops bust four more Dover street brawlers

MARCH 7--A wild street brawl captured on video (and gone viral online) has resulted in the arrest of three female assailants and Delaware cops are confident that additional busts will follow.

As seen in the below video (which contains profanities), a verbal dispute turned violent when two Dover residents were attacked by a swarm of neighbors who punched and stomped the victims in front of their East Reed Street home.

Police began investigating the March 2 attack shortly after receiving a 911 call about “a large fight at that location,” according to Captain Tim Stump of the Dover Police Department.

On Thursday, cops arrested Gloria Bolden, 44; Latasha Wright, 22; and Jazzmen Bolden, 19, in connection with the beating (they are pictured below, left to right). Each defendant was charged with disorderly conduct, conspiracy, and two counts of assault.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the female victim, 33, was briefly hospitalized after suffering fractured ribs and a collapsed lung during the attack. The male victim, 24, received stitches for a laceration on his head.

In an e-mail, Stump noted that he was “confident more arrests will follow.” That police probe is likely being aided by the fight video, which surfaced over the weekend and clearly shows many of the suspects who participated in the beating. (1 page)

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HOW DISGUSTING.... THEY SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED.. this is how you act? n wat r they the only white people on the block 1 word MOVE..
ANYONE who smiles for their mugshot is an idiot
I lost count was it 10 or 15 black people on 2 white people and you can bet your ass the black people will not be charged with a hate crime! But if the shoe was on the other foot there would be marches and riots and the white people would be charged with a hate crime!
Being Black or White has nothing to do with it. How about people just being plain idiots or as I call them "IGNORANUSES"!
to ericjonolsen it is not the way a woman is born to determine if she is ugly or not.. i am hispanic born in guatemala, raised in canada. i am adopted into a white family. if this fight is racist then who is to say if you saw twenty whites beatina black. racism is a word now-a-days taken out of context and used to get leverage. if a white kids hits a balck kid then its a hate crime and all gets blown out. the thing we must look at is what do songs our children and ourselves listen to, or the shows and movies we watch. if all the songs are about shootin another race or watching how someone froma race shoots another and uses the race to get off wat does that teach that its ok do that...thaats how gangs and gang wars start one gang hates another and all of a sudden u got main street soaked in blood.
That is a hate crime. People arguing why did the others get involved. If this was a crowd of white people beating on a black guy and woman. What would we be all screaming. I hope they get a long time not for only assault but for being idiots!!
First of all let me start off by saying I'm from Delaware, and I am also black, but I don't and never have acted in that manner. I am married, have one child (not 10, never have I been on public assistance, I have a very good job. For all of u to know the ppl in this video have been arrested. I was disgusted when I saw this video, for me, and as black people as a race But, I also am disgusted by some of the comments I've read. Some of the people that commented seem very educated (one even stating "I'm an educated white man") Apparently like the ppl in this video half of yall are ***/IGNORANT PPL, who choose to live in the past instead of trying to create a better future!! Who sound just as dumb as the ppl in this video look!!!( for this exact reason some people can't see past the ignorance of some, and see the intelligence in others)( I refuse to let my daughter grow up as another black person, or "one of them," She will be given the respect she deserves, and not live in the shadow of others, one ignorant person who not decide how she, or me or us be perceived).
Sadly the civil rights movement was hijacked from men like MLK by cheap, sleazy hucksters and snake oil salesmen like Jesse Jackson. His ilk profit by selling out their own race to their white liberal masters by casting their own people in the role of dependent, under-performing victims. They further betray their own people by purposely fostering a culture that encourages vicious attacks on those African Americans that presume to aspire to something better. Let's not forget that the first reaction the civil rights leaders in this country had to Obama's candidacy was to reject and ridicule him.
Yes, you are right. I don't know why it is mistaken that all "Black" people like, or stand behind Jesse Jackson, or The "Rev" Al. Guess that's a another common misconception of "Black" people. First of all like most politician figures, they are scandalous, they act only when benefits them. They come out when I N word is used, or when a "BLACK" man is assaulted. First of all it was MLK intent, that all men(women) be treated equally. I do not believe that MLK's movement was all racially motivated. It was about everyone as a people coming together. Not just racially, but economically to(high, middle,lower class). Jesse Jackson and company use MLK as a (so-called hype-man)(no offense to MLK). They use it to hype up "Black" people, to believe that it all "THE MAN." trying to hold "us" back. When in fact "we" as in all people, do it to ourself. "We" automatically assume things because of color, religion, and other things. We you assume anything off the back you are your own worst nightmare. You cripple yourself before even trying. Like I said before, people need to see each individual for them, and what they can contribute, and not assume that because of their color or anything else they can not be an up-standing AMERICAN.
Nothing ever changes - nothing but a pack of low life animals that litter the streets with their presence - guess there's not much hope in life when there is no ambition or direction This is the results that you get
it doesn't matter if they're black or white these people are nothing but trash with nothing better to due than to start with other people.i just have to say,whr is the woman in the green jacket and the one next to her smilling,are they proud of wining a fight that was 10 against 2?
Wow - This is what happens in communities where people feel they have nothing to lose... This behaviour is common to poor PEOPLE, black white and otherwise. I'm black and you'd never let me stand by and watch people pull that brutality. But then again, things like this don't happen in my community thank God. We're too busy raising families and on our 9-5's. We all have something to lose and as decent people, we don't stand by and watch neighbors throw away their lives or damage those of others. How shameful.
The first one in the orange coat lining looks like she is related to "Sam-I-Am" and definitely had too many rotten green eggs and bad ham...
Independent of their color THEY clearly show THEY ARE THE RACISTS. RACISTS BRUTAL idiots that deserve no mercy. 20 against 2.... Is that fair? They beat these poor people up because they are white!?!?!? You tell me, honestly, who is the racist in this video??? And guess what people, I'm NOT white. I'm honest and fair. What's wrong is wrong and those fools should go to jail.
Oh yes...had the situation been reversed we would have heard from Jesse, Al, FarraKKKon, and the whole slew of racist blacks who want to do nothing but throw the race card down. Personally, I am sick and tired of racist black "activists" who make their living off of playing the race card.
GOOD call ,we ALL realize this. IF you hooked anyone up to a lie detector test (black or white)..and asked them if no ***'s in American...would it be a better or worse off know the answer, AN sheeiit ! No-um's beez be sayzin??
Agreed. There is even a new Hispanic Today TV show. Why can't we have a White Today TV show? Oh thats right. Its racist.
Dear racist commenters on 1. Take a deep breath. 2. Stop blaming Obama for everything. 3. Stop blaming Latinos for everything. 4. Stop blaming blacks for everything. 5. Look inside yourself for the real answers to your issues.
How about.... I take responsibility for my actions and you for yours.
Dear stop_hatin'_fools, I'm not a racist, but I took a deep breath and the 'air' is still thick in this forum with people like you who call everybody else racists when YOU are the one who's a racist because you assume that it's racist to criticize Obama since he's black and you're blaming whites for the 'issues'. I guess I'm an equal opportunity 'hater' because I blame all leftists, no matter what their race is.
That's what happens when you live around a bunch of trash.
The black guy with glasses should be ashamed of himself, he punches like a girl "with what should have been a king hit" and flaps his lips like one of those little yappy lap dogs that everyone tells to shut-up. Im actually suprised that he didn't mistakenly punch his dopey looking friend that was standing next to him in the face wearing those coke bottle glasses, if anything he should have been arrested by the fasion police for wearing clothes that obviously his just as blind grandma dressed him in before he went out to play with the ferals.
Unfortunate that rather then looking for work.. they look for trouble.. that goes for all involved.. 2pm in the afternoon.. and rather then doing anything at all constructive .. or even entertaining.. well.. I guess they thought that this was worthy.. a shame.. I do understand why the vic did not go in and stayed.. if he had gone in immediately the abuse would have never ended.. would have been labeled a P***Y and Punk and would have been messed with constantly.. he had to stand his ground and take his beating.. which he did and even sat back down on the stoop afterwards.. he knows the game and must, because he lives surrounded by these people.. Growing up in NYC have seen this mob beating style many times.. and it is most often perpetrated by N****S of many ethnic backgrounds.. There should be an armed service that would take these animals and drop em on the enemy.. not one of the existing armed services.. these animals should be all on their own.. they are not expressing anger from "years of oppression" its who they are.. animals.. not black and white.. just animals
To are blaming white liberals for this? where the hell did you come from? so it is the white liberals fault that these scumbags gang up with another 15 or so people and beat the shiat out of 2 people? why is it alwys the white people who are at fault when a bunch of blacks, colored, afro americans or what ever they want to be called this week decide they want to act like animals? how about they contribute, actually serve a purpose and add some thing to society? while i am at work, during the day, busting my ass they should do some thing, like maybe get a job! every time i see my pay check, i know one of them, yes i said them, are going to be taking their welfare check and selling it for 50 cents on the dollar to get drugs. how is it that us taxpayers are paying for these people to have 10 kids and drive around in a caddy or lexus? IT IS DISGUSTING! and that is our fault? and if it was 15 whites on 2 blacks, it would be a hate crime! granted these two morons should of went in the house once the white dude was punched, but that should not matter. and then the white girl is jumped from behind. these people cheat at every thing. they cheat the system, they cheat when they fight! every time i see a video online about a is a group of blacks fighting each other at a gas IHOP...a Dennys...a baseketball game! i am not saying that white people are saints, because they are not. but how many whites are in jail compared to blacks? let me guess, that is the whote liberals fault to? people need to get a job or some how contribute to this world instead of milking the system and stop blaming others for their problems. its a joke everyone makes their own choices in life. if they choose to be low life scumbags, white or black, they need to be treated that way. you are treated and perceived how you ones fault but your own!!!
Yes, I am blaming white liberals for this stuff. I have an education and knowledge of American history. Since LBJ, liberals have exploited African Americans by keeping them addicted to welfare and government handouts. White liberals have exclusively represented this demographic for 50 years or more, kept them fat, poorly educated, pregnant and waiting eagerly for their next welfare check. White liberals make sure that they get a pass in the media when they commit hate crimes. White liberals have created and maintain huge plantations (ghettos) all across the country where they farm votes.
A BIG thumbs up to this, Redrover!
Loveourvets, how do you blame Obama for pitting blacks against whites? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I was agreeing with you until you made a moronic statement like that!
You Obama lovers can't see past the phony halo the leftist media hangs over his head, can you? Open you eyes and ears and learn something from sources other than those that blindly idolize Obama. See Redrover's excellent answer (below) to your question.
Obama has maintained a deafening silence while his supporters and close associates accuse anyone who disagrees with his policies of being racist. Never before have so many Americans been labeled bigots. Barry owns it. He and his "typical white" grandmother.
White and black trash exists in this area and this video shows BOTH sides of trash. I was robbed 4 times in my life - twice my jewelry was snatched, once my jacket, i.d., credit cards and phone was taken from a bar and another my friends and I was chased, robbed and beaten while running from a mob of teens for being in the "wrong neighborhood". And guess what? All of these acts were committed by WHITE GUYS/GIRLS!!! Poverty and racism breeds ignorance and desperation. The color of the skin does not matter. It's the heart and mindset of the individual.
It's true - there IS trash in every race. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. What makes me livid though is this mindset that we protect all the minorities and allow the white people to get effed over. I mean, notice they aren't calling this a hate crime? Had it been the other way around, Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan would have been in the streets marching and screaming "racism" and reminding the world of all its injustices. We do the same for neo-radical Islamists. Our country is afraid and too politically correct to say, "You know what, this is wrong." I'm just saying.
Are you kidding me????? 1. I like how this dude lets his woman stand up to mob of guys looking for the fight. 2. The chick is not the brightest either thinking she can take on 5 guys in a fight. 3. I know that if there are more than the number of people I am with hanging over me looking to throw down I am going back in the house..might call the cops might not but not looking to take on 7+ people. Stupid is just stupid no matter what color or race.. I fell bad that this is what passes for life today when these losers could be doing something productive with their time.
As for the woman "taking on 5 guys" ya gotta consider two things: 1) She was clearly wasted and 2) Many women automatically assume "ain't any man gonna hit a woman". I think those two combined gave her false courage.
Too true. The guy told the woman to go inside about three and a half minutes too late. For reference, see the beginning sequence of the movie " Way of the Gun". It's on youtube. Just goes to show - stupidity knows no race, color or bounds.
BTW, the white guy should have returned the punch immediately after he was first struck. Not doing so only sealed his fate. Letting the guy get away with bitch-slapping him like that set him up in a position of weakness. After that, his opponents knew he was afraid to fight back.
This is why racism will never totally die. No matter how much is taught in our homes and in our schools, you'll ALWAYS have sides. Unfortunately BOTH sides see only colors. Black/White/Yellow/Green/ all we will ever be to each other. There will only be one color in the end that really matters and that is red. That color will stain all of our streets and ground. May God have NO mercy on all of us!!!
Those blaming this on ancient history are IDIOTS. The ONLY ones to blame are the illiterate thugs who perpetrated this. My ancestors were all dirt-poor, as were my parents and as was *I* - but I chose a better life, chose the hard work it took to pull myself up by my own bootstraps -- and since I didn't have the magic skin-tone I actually had to work 3 jobs and pay my own way. People wonder why I carry a gun? *THIS* is why. Granted - I would nevr have been in the situation in the first place - would have gone in my house at the first signs of tension - but ... I've been attacked for the simple crime of a low melanin-count - on two separate occasions, actually. After the first, I did the smart thing and got out of Dodge, moved to an area where such things don't happen. Even so, my job forced me into a place where the second occurred - after which I was told -- by police and others -- "well, what do you EXPECT?! You should know better than to go down there..." Can you imagine a black person being assaulted by a mob of whites, and being told "what did you EXPECT?!..."??!! In short, this is what the bleeding-heart-collectivists/demmunists have bought us with a half-century of The Welfare State: More poverty, more bastardy, more illiteracy, more violence, more drugs and less responsibility and initiative. Way to go, morons! Of course, the Demmunists don't care -- they've always been the party of slavery, and noting has changed, except for the worse. DD
Ahhh...."diversity" brings so many benefits - to the crime workers and social workers that live off the vibrant and interesting pathologies of the Diverse, that is.... You tax dollars go to Feed and Breed Diversity! How's it working out so far...?
Yes, because all non-white people are violent thugs, right?
The guy in the glasses is a piece of shiat. I know a lot of people like him who hide behind groups of people, you can tell by his cheap shots he won't survive in the world by himself.
Typical black ghetto ***
1) THIS is why racism is still around and will be for eons 2) This will not, and likely CAN not be classed as a "hate crime" because (basically) the perpetrators would have had to have been yelling out racial slurs, which they were not. 3) When is the black community, the likes of Bill Cosby whom I greatly admire for "standing up to/for" his race, going to condemn thugs like this constantly, CONSTANTLY ganging up on people? "One-on-one" is just a term, not an intent, for these idiots! 4) When it IS one-on-one, it only stays that way until the black guy starts losing.
Stop "admiring" the "Good One". The vast majority of Blacks behave, and "think" like the cretins in the police pics.
i'm calling bulls**t on this one right now. i have many black friends, none of whom behave, nor think, "like the cretins in the police pics." i'd like to know from whose ass you pulled "the vast majority." Methinks you don't know what you're talking about.
Comments such as DeniseIam's are made because of one of a very few scenarios: They grew up in a bad area where thugs are the only kind they ever encountered or, the most likely, they get their opinions from Internet videos and news stories. Once someone starts expecting to see something, they become tunnel-visioned into always seeing it that way.
I whole-heartedly agree. The likes of Bill Cosby are indeed the true minority in the black community, at least in the news/media. Sad but all too true. Otherwise, I'll "admire" who I please. I sure hope you don't lose any sleep over that. ;o)
"The likes of Bill Cosby are indeed the true minority in the black community, at least in the news/media." You know why that is? It's because there's no news like bad news. Controversy sells. People behaving badly sells. Nobody's going to click on the link that says "Father Spends Quality Time With His Kids," however, people are definitely going to click the link that says "Female Trio Busted For Street Brawl Gone Viral". That's how we both arrived here, after all. My suspicion is that your negative (not to mention ignorant) perception of black people is because you don't actually know any.
"The likes of Bill Cosby are indeed the true minority in the black community, at least in the news/media." You know why that is? It's because there's no news like bad news. Controversy sells. People behaving badly sells. Nobody's going to click on the link that says "Father Spends Quality Time With His Kids," however, people are definitely going to click the link that says "Female Trio Busted For Street Brawl Gone Viral". That's how we both arrived here, after all. My suspicion is that your negative (not to mention ignorant) perception of black people is because you don't actually know any.
Is that one of Charlie Sheen's friends there on the left hand photo?? - looks like she's had too much "Rope-a-Dope"!! Definitely NOT a "WINNER" - more like a warlock!!!