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Jail Attack Over Football Pastry Wager

Inmate punched over missing honey buns payoff

Bear Claw

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Bear Claw Assault

SEPTEMBER 22--When paying off a gambling loss it is important to know that just because you come up with the bear claws does not mean you get a pass on the honey buns.

At least that is what one inmate serving time in a Florida jail learned yesterday after losing a bet on Monday night’s NFL game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers.

According to a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office report, after Brandon Markey lost a wager with Ricardo Sellers, he went to his fellow inmate’s cell to pay off--with food. Markey, 23, was locked up for violating terms of his pretrial release following a prescription drug trafficking arrest.

However, a problem ensued when Markey sought to settle the bet solely with bear claws, instead of the additional "four honey buns" that the winner was supposed to have received. The lack of honey buns allegedly earned Markey a punch in the face from Sellers.

When interviewed by a detective, the 21-year-old Sellers denied striking Markey in connection with the dispute over the treats, which sell for $1.25 at the jail commissary. Sellers, coincidentally, is jailed for assault and battery, among other charges.

Sellers, pictured above left, was charged with battery in connection with the pastry-fueled attack on Markey, who was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. (2 pages)

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Hay shizz, Read the story! ""The treats, which sell for $1.25 at the jail commissary"". If you have MONEY in YOUR account, you can buy what is offered in the commissary. If you ask me, they should lock-up all these SOBs, give them all the guns, ammo and drugs they one and let them kill each other off!
prisoners get bear claws and honey buns..? wtf?
In commissary, you can get anything; I was in gaol for 10 days, and we could get honey buns for $1.05 (I like mine iced), Ramen noodles for $.70, and thongs for $1.15, just to name a few.
likely not the first or last prison attack resulting from someone being stingy with their buns