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"Survivor" Call Sheets

SEPTEMBER 23--Staffers working in Nicaragua on the production of CBS’s popular “Survivor” series are reminded daily to be “especially diligent in making sure to secure any sensitive materials pertaining to our show.” Daily “call sheets” and “other printed materials,” employees are told, “need to be shredded when you are finished with them.”

Despite these warnings, a “Survivor” crew member last week left behind call sheets and other documents in a hotel room in the southern Nicaragua beach town where the show’s next season is close to wrapping (the current season, which debuted earlier this month, was also shot in Nicaragua).

The documents were discovered in a room at the Pelican Eyes resort in San Juan del Sur, quarters for many of the reality show’s production crew members. A TSG reader (Edwin) and his friends (Elliott, Ana, and GK) discovered the papers, which were left behind by a “Survivor” worker who will go unnamed.

The call sheets for this past weekend (days 34 and 35 of the 39-day shoot) do not identify the names of contestants, but “Survivor” fans will likely thrill to details of host Jeff Probst’s daily raffles, the names of challenge contests (“A Leg Up,” “Bone to Pick,” “A Numbers Game,” etc.), the apparent name of the final tribe (“Murlonia”), and the question of missing “Schmergen Balls.”

Since some of the documents are a bit difficult to read, click here to download a PDF of them (and blow the records up for a detailed spoiler analysis).

To be honest, TSG stopped watching “Survivor” after that really obnoxious guy got voted off at Tribal Council a few years back. (10 pages)

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