Stern Stalker Sent Packing

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Stern Stalker Sent Packing

The crazed stalker indicted for threatening to kill Howard Stern was sentenced last week to 2-1/2 years in prison--far more time than even the DJ had sought for convict Michael Lance Carvin. Prior to a January13 court appearance, both Carvin (the subject of this psychiatric report) and a lawyer for Stern wrote federal judge John Keenan regarding sentencing. While Stern (via lawyer Joseph Famighetti) wanted the max, Carvin asked for leniency, though he sure didn't help his case by ridiculing Howard as the "King of Hate Radio.""Trust me," Carvin wrote in one of two letters to Keenan, "this guy is an obsessed nutcase." Here are the sentencing letters:

Pages 1-2: "Fearful" Stern speaks out.

Pages 3-7: Carvin talks "openly and honestly."

Pages 8-12: Regrets? Carvin has a few.