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Modern Crimes

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Modern Crimes

APRIL 30--The little tramp who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup was busted Tuesday in Idaho on a probation violation charge. Apparently the 25-year-old had to surrender his bowler and bamboo cane before the booking photo was snapped.

As for the remaining suspects, some notes: 1) The 'College' man, 24, on page #4 was popped Tuesday after he allegedly got plastered and drove his truck into a mobile home in Inverness, Florida; 2) Drop us a line if you can figure out what's going on with the facial ink seen on the 29-year-old perp on page #6 (she was nabbed yesterday for DUI); 3) The 18-year-old Georgian on page #7 was busted early Sunday morning for alcohol possession. Based on his spiffy attire, we'll wager that the young man had attended a prom of some sort the prior evening; and 4) The Texas man on page #11 allegedly got so up in someone else's grill Wednesday that he was collared on an assault rap. Hopefully the arrest will not put a damper tomorrow on the celebration of the teen's 19th birthday. (16 pages)