McDonald's: A Teen's Arch Enemy?

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McDonald's: A Teen's Arch Enemy?

On the heels of the report that few young Americans can find Iraq on a map comes word of a lawsuit alleging that many New York City teenagers (and their parents!) are actually unaware that McDonald's grub is pretty unhealthy.

In a lawsuit filed against the fast food giant, obese teens like 19-year-old Jazlyn Bradley (5' 6", 270 pounds) and Ashley Pelman, 14, (4'10", 170 pounds) claim that the company improperly drew them into the Golden Arches underworld, where Big Macs and Egg McMuffins lurk behind every corner, seductively offering empty calories and high-fat fixes.

Bradley, Pelman, and 14-year-old Julian Tawfik (5' 9", 380 pounds) have filed these affidavits in support of their class-action complaint against McDonald's, which yesterday (11/20) petitioned to have the "frivolous" case tossed by a federal judge in New York. (6 pages)