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Rock Star Battered By Ex-Wife

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Rock Star Battered By Ex-Wife

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Meet Hillaree Stapp.

The 24-year-old Orlando, Florida woman is the former wife of Scott Stapp, lead singer of the rock band Creed. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Hillaree was just arrested for allegedly smashing her ex in the face with a cell phone during a November 14 argument at the singer's home (cops were called to the scene by Diana Ivey, the 29-year-old performer's assistant).

According to this sheriff's report, the Stapps were squabbling (among other things) about child custody matters involving their son Jagger. The Stapps were divorced in June 1999 after 16 months of marriage.

In a March 2001 People magazine interview, Scott spoke glowingly of his ex: "I'll always love her. She gave me one ofthe greatest gifts in my life, my son." (4 pages)

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If the above ages and dates are correct, it would appear that the defendant H. Stapp was at the most 14 when she married the victim Scott Stapp (who would have been 19). That is assuming that the divorce date of June 1999 is correct. This seemed to have been a doomed relationship from the start. When mixed with the celebrity/rock-star culture there is no wonder that drugs and violence were a part of the equation.