Cops: Acting White Was Not Cause Of Girl Fight

Teen claimed she was attacked for being “bougie”

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School Girls Fight

SEPTEMBER 8--Cops are considering charging a South Carolina teenager with filing a false police report for claiming that another girl beat her up because she was “acting too much like a white person.”

In fact, investigators say, the teens fought last week over a boy.

According to a Rock Hill Police Department report, the 16-year-old girl told officers that she had been quarreling with her assailant for more than a year, adding that she had been targeted “because she is a light skinned black female.”

The teenager claimed that her alleged attacker--who is 17 and also black--accused her of being “bougie” (though the police report spells the slang word “boosie”) and "acting too much like a white person."

The girl told police that she was attacked after leaving a school bus last Thursday afternoon. She was subsequently treated for a bruise and laceration over her right eye, as well as scratches on her shoulders.

But a subsequent investigation of the incident has determined that the girls had actually squared off over a boy, according to a police spokesman. As a result, cops may charge the younger girl with filing a false police report. Additionally, both teens could face disorderly conduct charges.

Officers are preparing a supplemental police report that will update the actual motive for the fight, as well as any criminal counts lodged against the combatants (who would be charged as juveniles under South Carolina law). (2 pages)