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Putting Sex In "The City"

MTV show features man nabbed for offering cop drugs for sex

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Putting Sex In "The City"

JANUARY 8--Meet James Nevan Donahue.

If you're a fan of MTV's new faux reality show "The City," you'll recognize Donahue as the bothersome swell who pals around with an odious New York City woman named Olivia Palermo who considers herself a socialite and "stars" in the TV program. Anyway, the haughty Donahue, 28, was arrested in February 2007 for the low-rent crime of soliciting a street prostitute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to a police report, Donahue, driving a Jeep Cherokee, was searching for some strange one Monday afternoon when he approached a female cop posing as a hooker. Donahue, wearing a "white cheetah shirt" and blue jeans, wanted some oral sex. And he offered to pay for its provision with Oxycontin, the powerful painkiller.

As noted in a handwritten addendum to a probable cause affidavit, undercover officer Lori Colombino reported that when Donahue approached her, his belt was unbuckled and his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped. This resulted in the exposure of his "shiny black underwear."

Donahue's mug shot from the 2007 bust can be seen at left. [The other booking photos were taken following Donahue's 2001 arrest for possessing drug paraphernalia (left) and a 2006 collar following a traffic stop (center).]

Donahue copped a plea to the misdemeanor solicitation for prostitution rap last February and was fined and ordered to perform community service. Not surprisingly, he violated terms of his probation and a warrant was issued last August for his arrest. (4 pages)