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Can I Fix My Hair First?

People want to look just right, even when posing for their mug shot

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Can I Fix My Hair First?

JANUARY 9--You can never look too good in your mug, as shown by the primping perp who kicks off this week's booking photo roundup (the North Carolina woman was nabbed for assault and battery).

As for the remaining arrestees, a few notes: 1) The Arizona man wearing the crown on page #5 was popped for shoplifting; 2) That appears to be a bandage, not a Breathe Right nasal strip, on the 20-year-old Californian on page #8; 3) The suspect on page #9 has been busted several times over the past few months, most recently Tuesday for shoplifting (photo at right); and 4) The California woman, 53, on page #15 was arrested Wednesday on an elder abuse charge. (15 pages)