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Paul: "Pepper" Lyrics Pinched

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Zimet Pens A "Dear Paul" Letter

A Collector's "Conditions For Sale"

The Handwritten Lyrics

James Paul McCartney Affidavit

Petition Drafted By Ex-Beatle's Attorney

Paul McCartney claims that the original handwritten lyrics to The Beatles's classic "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" were stolen from his London home 30 years ago. So, when New York memorabilia dealer Gary Zimet recently offered to sell McCartney the lyric sheet for $550,000, the musician headed for court.

McCartney filed a lawsuit against Zimet, who claims he was only acting as a broker for another collector who has the lyrics. As a result of the New York State Supreme Court action, Zimet has reportedly given McCartney's attorney, Alan Friedman, the name of the other collector.Presumably, that unnamed party will now be pursued in court by McCartney. Zimet, as you may recall, recently peddled the album John Lennon signed for Mark David Chapman only hours before Chapman shot the ex-Beatle.

What follows are some of the documents filed in the McCartney-Zimet action, including a copy of the allegedly purloined lyrics and an affidavit from Sir Paul himself.

Zimet Pens A "Dear Paul" Letter (1 page)

A Collector's "Conditions For Sale" (1 page)

The Handwritten Lyrics (1 page)

James Paul McCartney Affidavit (2 pages)

Petition Drafted By Ex-Beatle's Attorney (5 pages)