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Miniature Horse Lover Gets Corralled

Cops: Creepy Floridian, 21, gave confession

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Mini Horse Lover

NOVEMBER 20--Meet Nicholas Anthony Sardo.

The 21-year-old Floridian was arrested yesterday for allegedly having sex on multiple occasions with a miniature male pony named “Jackie G.”

According to cops, a witness last month spotted Sardo having sex with the horse  “in a pasture on a family member’s property” in Marion County. A second witness told investigators that she, too, saw the illicit act and confronted Sardo, who admitted having sex with “Jackie G.”

When questioned by police, Sardo (seen above) reportedly confessed, saying that he was a “sick man” and knew that his actions were wrong.

Police say that Sardo admitted to having sex with the horse on four occasions. Each time he used a condom “because he didn’t want to get a disease from the horse,” cops noted.

Charged with four counts of sexual contact with an animal, Sardo was booked into the Marion County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $4000 bond on the misdemeanor counts.

Seen below, “Jackie G” is owned by a relative of Sardo’s. (1 page)