Quaker College Bans Fraternity Over Hazing That Cost Pledge A Testicle

An Ohio college has leveled the death penalty against a fraternity for a Halloween hazing ritual that cost a 19-year-old pledge a testicle.

A judicial board at Wilmington College has ruled that Gamma Phi Gamma’s “rights…are permanently extinguished and henceforth the college will no longer recognize” the fraternity (which has previously been sanctioned for hazing at the Quaker institution).

Police are continuing to investigate the late-November incident in the basement of the fraternity home, which is known as “Gobbler House.” During the hazing, pledge Tyler Lawrence, 19, was struck in the testicles with “a towel fashioned as a weapon,” according to a search warrant affidavit.

As previously detailed in these pages, Lawrence and two other wannabe frat brothers were subjected to a series of indignities involving nudity, blindfolds, Icy Hot ointment, limburger cheese, vinegar-soaked bananas, and simulated intercourse with a ball of stuffing. Lawrence was injured when frat members struck the pledges with “towels and shirts that had the ends balled up in knots” or which had “items tied inside them to inflict pain.”

After Lawrence complained of significant pain in his testicles, he was taken to an area hospital where he underwent surgery to have a testicle removed. A cop noted that the student also had “large bruising and contusions upon much of his upper torso resulting from being struck during the initiation.”

According to police, about 20 fraternity members “were either watching or participating in the pledging.”