Cee Lo Green's Impending Diet Will Wreak Havoc With His Mouthwatering Backstage Rider

Cee Lo Green, singer and co-star of NBC’s “The Voice,” last week announced an endorsement deal with eDiets, an online dieting concern that the performer says will help him “make health a priority” in 2013.

Which apparently means the 38-year-old star (real name: Thomas Callaway) will be overhauling his mouthwatering concert rider.

Green’s dressing room requirements include a rotating feast of rib-eye steaks, chicken, and fish (tilapia, trout, tuna steaks, and mahi-mahi). As stipulated in the rider, the entrees change depending on the day of the week.

No matter what the day, however, Green & Co. require 24 fried jumbo prawns and 24 sauteed jumbo prawns. Other daily dressing room staples include mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, “baked lobster macaroni & cheese,” and “baked butter covered dinner rolls.” He also wants promoters to provide baked sweet potato pie (on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) and peach cobbler (on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

The Grammy-winning artist demands an assortment of booze, including two bottles apiece of Ciroc vodka, Hennessy cognac, Patron Silver tequila, and Pinot Grigio wine, and cases of Corona and Grolsch beer.

The rider, which includes markings made by a promoter, also notes that Green should be provided “A ‘CLEAN’ leather sofa set (sofa & love seat).” Those quotes around “clean” appear to be misplaced.