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    A Chicago grand jury has indicted R&B singer R. Kelly for the alleged sexual abuse of several underage girls.

    The 52-year-old performer is accused of ten felonies involving four victims, three of whom, prosecutors charge, were minors at the time they engaged in sexual contact with Kelly. The fourth victim, a hairdresser, was 24 at the time she was attacked by Kelly, investigators allege.

    According to the indictment, the allegations span a 12-year period beginning May 1998 and continuing until January 2010. Charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, Kelly could face a maximum of seven years in prison on each count.

    During a February 23 court appearance, a judge set Kelly’s bond at $1 million, which will require him to post $100,000 to secure his release from the Cook County lockup.

    In advance of the hearing, prosecutors filed a graphic four-page bond proffer document detailing Kelly’s alleged crimes. According to the filing:

    * Kelly had sex on multiple occasions with a girl whom he met when she was celebrating her 16th birthday at a restaurant. After Kelly’s manager gave the girl a business card containing the singer’s phone number, the teen’s mother told Kelly’s associate her child was only 16. During a one-year period beginning May 1998, the girl had a series of sexual encounters with Kelly, who was 32 at the time, at his Chicago recording studio.

    * Investigators recently obtained a videotape showing Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The tape was provided by an unnamed witness who “identified the scenes from the video as having been from” Kelly’s residence in Olympia Fields, a Chicago suburb. In the video, “the victim repeatedly says she is 14 years old” and Kelly is seen “penetrating the victim orally and vaginally.”

    * In 2003, the hairdresser arrived at Kelly’s studio expecting to braid his hair. Instead, the singer “had his pants pulled down” and sought to forcibly have the woman perform oral sex on him. When the woman resisted, Kelly “masturbated and ejaculated on the victim and spit in her face several times.” The shirt worn by the woman was tested by the Illinois State Police and was found to contain semen. “The male DNA identified in the semen sample is a match to Robert Kelly’s DNA profile,” according to the bond proffer.

    * A 16-year-old girl who met Kelly while attending the singer’s 2008 criminal trial had sex with the performer “multiple times” at his Olympia Fields home. The girl, prosecutors say, told Kelly “how old she was.” During their sexual encounters, Kelly "would spit on her, slap her in the face and choke her." The victim “saved one of the shirts she was wearing when Robert Kelly ejaculated on her and gave that shirt” to police. “The shirt was submitted for DNA testing and semen was identified on the shirt,” according to the proffer, which does not indicate when the testing occurred or whether the the semen sample identified matched Kelly’s DNA profile.

    Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer, contends that the four accusers are all lying. He described Kelly as “shell-shocked” and “extraordinarily disappointed and depressed” about the charges. 

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    In some U.S. lockups, inmates are provided with a shirt so that they do not have to appear in booking photos wearing a jail uniform. For example, an Arkansas sheriff photographs inmates wearing a black Nike Athletics t-shirt.

    This accommodation leads to scores of defendants--both men and women--in Pasco County, Florida donning the same striped shirt golf shirt over their orange jail togs.

    The shirt, which presumably is laundered on occasion, appears to be of a size that fits most detainees (some of whom choose to pop that collar). The manufacturer of the garment is unknown.

    If inmates are not partial to teal and aqua blue, a second, less popular, golf shirt is also available for booking photo sessions.

    The inmates seen here were in custody during the past few weeks.

    Mug Shot
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    A judge today issued an arrest warrant for a woman accused of “removing and unnecessarily tormenting a live lobster from the tank” of a Florida seafood restaurant.

    When Kimberly Gabel failed to show this afternoon for a pre-trial hearing at a Clearwater courthouse, a judge ordered the arrest of the 42-year-old.

    Gabel was arrested in November for disorderly conduct after she allegedly caused a scene at a Red Lobster in St. Petersburg. A manager told police that he asked Gabel, seen at right, to leave the restaurant “for disturbing other customers.”

    Before departing Red Lobster (seen below), Gabel allegedly “proceeded to reach into a water tank containing live lobster, grabbed a lobster and ran out of the restaurant,” according to a police report. When cops subsequently tracked down Gabel--who appeared intoxicated--she denied knowledge of the lobster’s whereabouts, adding that she “did not care because she did not do anything wrong.”

    In a misdemeanor information filed last month, prosecutors accused Gabel of disorderly conduct, “to wit: removing and unnecessarily tormenting a live lobster from the tank of an establishment.”

    By failing to show up in court, Gabel forfeited the $100 bond she posted following her bust. When apprehended on the failure to appear warrant, Gabel will have to post $513 to secure her release from the county jail, according to court records.

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    For the second time in five months, a couple has been arrested for having sex on a Florida sidewalk--this time in the vicinity of a children’s parade, police allege.

    Fort Myers cops Sunday afternoon arrested Bernadette Colatarci, 47, and Phillip Daley, 58, for lewd and lascivious behavior.

    As detailed in a police report, an off-duty cop first spotted the homeless duo having sex on a downtown sidewalk around 5 PM. At the time, the officer was driving home several children who had participated in the Edison Festival of Light Junior Parade (which included floats, marching bands, clowns, and a fun run).

    On-duty cops subsequently located Colatarci and Daley unclothed and lying on a Main Street sidewalk. The pair, who appeared intoxicated, had their genitals exposed and Daley was seen “thrusting his hips,” the report alleges.

    Daley denied that the couple was having sex, instead claiming that they had only been “dry humping.” He subsequently told cops that he did not think that the pair was in the wrong, adding that they enjoyed having "Sexy sexy."

    Seen above, Colatarci and Daley are locked up in the Lee County jail. They are each facing a felony charge since, investigators say, children saw them having sex.

    The couple was arrested in September 2018 after a bicycle patrol officer witnessed Colatarci performing oral sex on Daley on a Fort Myers sidewalk on a Monday afternoon. They were both subsequently convicted of misdemeanors and received identical sentences: 25 days in jail and an order to pay $370 in court costs.

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    What kind of a degenerate dresses up in a dog costume and then records himself performing sex acts on his Siberian Husky?

    Police allege that Christian Nichols, 21, did just that in his residence outside Tampa, Florida.

    Nichols, seen at right, was arrested yesterday on aggravated animal cruelty and obscenity charges. He was locked up in the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bond in advance of a court hearing this afternoon.

    Investigators were able to track back vile video and photos posted on the internet to Nichols. Officials last month learned of the online material from an out-of-state tipster.

    A search of the unemployed Nichols’s home yielded multiple videos of him sexually abusing dogs (one 5:16 video was labeled “sexslave.wmv”). Another video, a court filing reveals, “depicts an adult male dressed in an animal costume having anal sex with a German Shepherd dog.”

    Police say that Nichols was “dressed in a black and white Husky dog costume” while he had inappropriate contact with one canine.

    Nichols abused one dog, named Ember, with multiple sex toys. At one point during a video, Ember, cops say, "appeared to be in distress" and tried to run away. Nichols responded by “striking the dog with a sex toy.”

    When confronted yesterday by police, Nichols reportedly confessed to abusing the Siberian Husky. After Nichols was taken into custody, Ember and a second dog were removed from the defendant's home and placed in the custody of animal welfare workers.

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    Meet Shana Hilsman.

    The 32-year-old New Jerseyan has been charged with breaking into multiple vehicles in Spotswood, a borough several miles from her Garden State residence.

    As seen in the above mug shot, Hilsman was not happy to pose for police earlier this month.

    When collared, Hilsman was carrying “numerous burglary tools,” cops say. She was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and possession of burglary tools, and booked into the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center.

    According to court records, Hilsman was convicted last year of burglary and sentenced to three years of probation.

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    An Arizona man arrested for riding a Bird scooter while intoxicated is now wanted by police, records show.

    Shelton Begay recently failed to show for two separate arraignments in Tempe Municipal Court, prompting a judge to issue arrest warrants for the 28-year-old defendant. The first warrant was filed in mid-January and the second was issued February 1.

    According to cops, Begay was busted last year for DUI, reckless driving, criminal damage, and other crimes. His blood alcohol content was measured at .285, more than three times the legal limit.

    As detailed in a Tempe Police Department report, Begay--piloting a motorized Bird scooter--crashed into the side of a parked Dodge Dart around 9 AM. The vehicle’s owner told police that Begay appeared drunk and was swerving across the roadway.

    Seen above, Begay apparently later fell off the scooter, which is capable of speeds up to 35 mph and is classified by police as a motor vehicle.

    Begay, whose speech was slurred, told cops he had consumed two cans of Bud Light that morning. He was arrested after failing a series of field sobriety tests. A search of Begay’s backpack turned up a 16-ounce can of beer and seven small bottles of 99 Bananas liqueur.

    Along with the booze, the Bird scooter was seized as evidence by investigators. Founded in 2017, Bird offers scooter rentals in dozens of U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, and Washington, D.C..

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    Meet Julian Mitchell.

    The 20-year-old Tennessee resident was arrested Thursday night for identity theft after allegedly trying to use another man’s bank card at a Nashville bar.

    A search subsequent to Mitchell’s arrest found the victim’s wallet inside the defendant’s fanny pack.

    Mitchell is being held in the Davidson County jail in lieu of $25,000 bond. He is scheduled for a February 4 court appearance.

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    An agitated Pennsylvania man tried to kick in a stranger’s front door to escape from zombies that were chasing him and an array of snakes biting at his ankles, according to a criminal complaint.

    Police allege that Mitchell Pisarcik sought to force his way into a residence in Sandy Township in late-January. Pisarcik, seen at right, told occupants of the home that he was seeking refuge that evening from pursuing zombies and snakes.

    Pisarcik, cops say, pounded on the home’s entrance with his fists and kicked out the front door’s window. As Pisarcik, 28, began climbing through the broken window, individuals inside the home armed themselves with a claw hammer and a frying pan. But when Pisarcik heard a police siren, he went to the home’s rear door and began trying to kick it in.

    Unable to gain entrance to the residence, Pisarcik--wearing a t-shirt and jeans in the bitter cold--eventually laid down in the adjacent roadway, where police took him into custody. He was subsequently charged with criminal trespass, a felony, and several lesser charges, including disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

    Pisacrcik, who is being held in the Clearfield County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail, today waived a preliminary hearing in District Court.

    No zombies or snakes were spotted by law enforcement officers, who concluded that Pisarcik was under the influence of a controlled substance during the bizarre January 21 incident.

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    A South Carolina woman was arrested yesterday for pouring water over the face of her sleeping infant daughter, an act of child cruelty that she recorded and uploaded to her Facebook page.

    Caitlin Alyse Hardy, 33, was collared Wednesday after the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office opened a probe into “disturbing images on a social media site.”

    Investigators allege that Hardy twice poured water on her sleeping nine-month-old girl. After the second dousing, the infant “woke up coughing,” cops noted. The video uploaded to Hardy’s Facebook page included the caption “Payback for waking me up all kinda times of da night.” It was accompanied by emojis of a baby and a smiling face with tears of joy.

    On the video, Hardy--Aquafina bottle in hand--can be heard laughing as she pours water on her child, who was sleeping in a crib. A still from the video can be seen below.

    Hardy, pictured above, was charged with cruelty to children in connection with the January 26 incident at her residence. Cops have notified the county’s social services department “in order that thorough investigations be conducted into this matter for the benefit and safety of all children in this home.”

    Hardy’s name does not appear on the roster of inmates currently being held in the county jail.

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    A Florida Man yesterday smashed his wife in the face with a Taco Bell burrito, “causing some to go up into her nose,” according to police who arrested the suspect on a domestic battery charge.

    Investigators say that Victor Fosser, 49, got into a confrontation Sunday with his wife inside the couple’s home in Parrish.

    According to a police report, the 49-year-old victim was upset about a family matter and “attempted to seek comfort from her husband.” Instead, Fosser “went to Taco Bell and picked up lunch.”

    Upon returning to the residence with his takeout order, cops say, Fosser attempted to give his wife a burrito, holding it in front of her face while making fun of her for being upset. The woman then grabbed the burrito and threw it on the floor.

    Fosser then “picks up the rest of the burritos and smashed them in her face causing some to go up into her nose,” a sheriff's deputy reported.

    The 6’, 335-pound Parrish, seen above, is currently being held in the county jail on the misdemeanor battery count.

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    A half-naked Florida Woman was arrested early Monday after she pulled down her pants and began dancing around in the parking lot of a Waffle House in Pensacola.  

    Before her performance ended, cops report, Freedom Ryder Zobrist, 38, sought to grab the genitals of a restaurant manager before licking the man on both sides of his face.

    When Zobrist was first asked to leave the Waffle House property, she became verbally abusive and allegedly threatened to “retrieve a firearm” and shoot workers and restaurant patrons.

    Pictured above, Zobrist declined to answer police questions. Cops reported that witnesses told them Zobrist had “pulled down her pants exposing her sexual organs and started dancing around the parking lot.”

    Zobrist was charged with multiple crimes, including assault and lewd and indecent exposure. She is being held in the Escambia County jail in lieu of $800 bond.

    Upon Zobrist’s release from custody, a judge has ordered her to stay away from Waffle House and barred her from using of alcohol and unprescribed drugs.

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    An accused thief claimed that he swiped a pair of Jack Russell terriers for “therapy” reasons, according to cops who busted him on a grand theft charge.

    Police allege that Parker Capparelli, 28, snatched the animals from their pens on a property in Trilby, Florida. The dog heist occurred around 1:15 AM Tuesday, cops say.

    Capparelli subsequently told an associate that he took the terriers "for therapy reason," adding that he “had not been around a dog in two months and one of them looked like a dog he used to own.”

    When sheriff’s deputies located Capparelli, he had possession of the dogs. Capparelli reportedly copped to entering the 73-year-old victim’s property and letting the terriers out of their pens, but claimed “the dogs followed him off of the property.”

    Seen above, Capparelli was arrested for grand theft. It was the second time in a month that he was nabbed on a felony charge. According to court records, Capparelli was busted in mid-December after allegedly trying to cash $20,000 worth of stolen checks. He was free on $2000 bond in that case when collared for stealing the Jack Russells.

    Capparelli, who lives about eight miles from the Trilby property, told cops he works for Cal-Maine Foods, the country’s largest egg producer.

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