Cop Arrested After Allegedly Throwing McDonald's Cheeseburger At Wife

The latest McDonald’s cheeseburger attack comes from south Florida, where a cop has been accused of throwing fast food at his wife during a violent confrontation yesterday afternoon in their home.

Investigators allege that an “irate” Andres Perez, 34, and his spouse had been arguing about “financial and infidelity issues” when the lawman “stormed into the kitchen in [his wife’s] direction throwing a McDonald’s cheeseburger at her.”

The victim told police that Perez then struck her with a closed fist “to the right side of head behind ear” during the incident in their Miramar residence, according to an arrest report.

Perez and the woman have been in a relationship for about eight years and have been “married for three years total and do share kids in common.” Charged with misdemeanor battery, Perez was booked into the county jail, where the above mug shot was taken.

Perez, who bonded out of the Broward County jail today, is an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department, which is headquartered about 25 miles south of Miramar.