Is It Us, Or Does That Viral Sexting Story Seem To Have Jimmy Kimmel's Fingerprints All Over It?

The young woman whose tale of accidentally texting a revealing photo of herself to her father has gone viral is a 23-year-old Los Angeles resident who recently graduated from Clemson University, where she starred on the school’s track team.

According to her Twitter page, Nyjah Cousar inadvertently sexted her father a photo that was intended for a male friend named Daquan. That purported Dad-Daquan error prompted Cousar, who uses the Twitter handle @dearfashionn, to seek advice online as to how to cancel a text. “i just sent a nude to my dad,” she tweeted early yesterday morning.

Cousar’s tweets report that her father--after receiving the naked photo--sent a series of urgent demands for Nyjah to call him. When his daughter remained mute, Carlton Cousar, 47, subsequently paid a visit to her at a residence in Compton (where Nyjah’s mother Holly resides). On a series of videos posted to Instagram by Nyjah, Cousar is heard chiding his daughter for her “disrespectful” behavior.

Cousar (seen above) graduated in May from Clemson with a bachelor's degree in economics. She was a member of the South Carolina school’s track team, where she was a standout sprinter and hurdler. Cousar previously attended Ohio State University, where she also ran track.

Cousar and her father did not respond to TSG messages sent to their respective Facebook pages.    

On one Instagram clip, Carlton Cousar is heard exclaiming, “It’s called Twitter, not Titter.” That perfect little quip, among other things, has led some online skeptics to wonder whether the sexting story is actually a well-executed con.

Perhaps someone needs to dust it for Jimmy Kimmel’s fingerprints.