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McNuggets Rage Caught On Tape

Crazed Melodi Dushane desperately wanted a serving of the greasy McDonald’s chicken delicacy

Melodi Dushane

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McNuggets Rage Incident Toledo

AUGUST 10--Turns out that bizarre New Year’s Day McNuggets rage incident was caught on surveillance tape by a camera at the Toledo, Ohio McDonald’s where Melodi Dushane had her meltdown.

As TSG originally reported, Dushane put her fist through the eatery's drive-thru window after being informed that McDonald's stopped serving dinner selections at 2:30 AM (Dushane, 24, had pulled up to the eatery at about 6:30 AM).

According to a police report, Dushane "leaned out of her car, into the window, and punched [a McDonald’s worker] in her mouth." When a second employee interceded, Dushane took a swing at her. After the women tussled, Dushane "then punched the drive through window, breaking it," police reported.

Charged with felony vandalism, Dushane, pictured in the mug shot at left, last month cut a plea deal and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and ordered to serve three years probation. Prosecutors released the surveillance video after the conclusion of Dushane’s case. (2 pages)

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Thanks for the post and its very useful for all,I can't believe she's claiming that she had a panic attack just before this incident.
The clunker just got done with some blow she needed Mickey D's nuggets to come down off her high.
You gotta protect your McNuggets
and the next man gets his food!!! epiccc
Several considerations. 1. We can't hear what they're saying. I'd pay good money for a transcript. 2. Seriously, who wants their food served after an altercation like that with those handling the food? 3. Depending on the verbal exchange, I'd say this is yet more evidence Ohio lost the Toledo War of 1835.
I agree there - not that her behavior was right in any way, but I'm wondering if she was more enraged by what was being said instead of not getting those greasy nuggets!!! And um...nuggets at 6:30am??? EW
I usually act like that AFTER I've eaten some of that sh!tty food.
I am sure the health inspector fined the resteraunt for the server handing over the mean with an open bleeding wound!
Good thing the Jet Blue flight attendant didn't work here
Nuggets or felony.... nuggets or felony. Perhaps it was the honey mustard sauce?
There are chemicals in McNuggets and in McDonald's "food" that cause addiction. This woman couldn't get her fix.
just another phsyco b*tch from hell!!!
This chick needs her ass BEAT DOWN. I can't believe she's claiming that she had a panic attack just before this incident. Maybe she should have done research on what panic attacks are before claiming this, what a retard. I hope she gets locked up for a couple of years.
This crazy psyco lady REALLY loves McNuggets! "I NEED MY MCNUGGET FIX NOW!!!" If I was that worker, I would have dragged that B**CH through the window by her nappy greasy hair and beat the holy crap out of her! Just watching this video ticks me off! I wish I was that worker! I would have had a field day on that psycho!
The judge should force her to perform her community service in the drive-thru of that McDonald's
The judge should force her to perform her community service in the drive-thru of that McDonald's
She must have really been having a bad day....she really went off.....totally in need of a time out....however man I wish I had the balls to do that at the drive thru haha
damn, that bud light can do some damage! 2:13
I'm glad the McDonalds employee continued to serve the next customer in a timely fashion.
More importantly why are you posting video in QT format as if everyone owns an apple or wants this virus-like bloatware on their PC's