Nude Couple Walking Dog Busted After Violent Tangle With Massachusetts Cops

A nude couple tangled with police after they were spotted strolling with their dog early Monday morning near their Massachusetts home.

Responding to 911 calls about the naked duo, cops encountered the couple around 6:30 AM. Investigators say that Mariel Kinney, 32, and Kevin Pinto, 30, were accompanied by their dog Lucy as they walked near their home in Hopkinton, a town 30 miles west of Boston.

When police questioned Kinney and Pinto about their state of undress, the pair allegedly became confrontational after answering some questions incoherently. After yelling and swearing at police, the couple sought to run away from officers, but they were quickly corralled.

What followed, cops charge, was a violent scrum during which Kinney and Pinto struck Hopkinton Police Department officers (one of whom required treatment for minor injuries)

Pictured above, Kinney and Pinto were eventually restrained and placed into custody. They were each charged with indecent exposure, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.

The couple has not yet been arraigned on the felony and misdemeanor counts in District Court.

“It wasn’t the typical day in Hopkinton, that’s for sure,” Police Chief Joseph Bennett told the local paper. “They were buck naked.” In fact, Hopkinton, which is the starting point for the Boston Marathon, was named this month as the country’s second safest city by SafeWise, the home security firm.