New Partner's Feeds for TSG

My Mom Is Stalking Me

College Humor - Sat, 2018-06-30 13:30

Raph's creepy stalker was taking pictures of him 9 months before he was even BORN.

Hot Date: How City People Talk about Townies

College Humor - Fri, 2018-06-29 16:04

There's nothing sadder than someone who stays in their hometown and makes a fulfilling life there.

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Um, Actually Ep. 6: Monsters, Moogles, and Side Mirrors

College Humor - Thu, 2018-06-28 13:30

Aslan takes a hard line on lipstick.

Hot Date: Fashion Double Standards

College Humor - Wed, 2018-06-27 13:35

Is it still a farmer's tan if you have the sock tan to match?

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Comedy Sucks (with Bassem Youssef)

College Humor - Tue, 2018-06-26 13:30

What do Grant, Raph, Katie, and handsome ex-heart surgeon Bassem Youssef all have in common? They do comedy... for some reason.