MUG SHOTS: Tattoos

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What the hell is up with this stupid clown look. Oh I know, he's a stupid clown right?
tears of a clown?
Edward Scisorhands gives up
Of course after he got the outlaw tatoo it was necessary to live up to that low bar that was set and go out and become an 'out-law', hence the lewdness conviction that now glows on his official rap sheet.
Well, he did the lewdness thing because he felt that his shoplifting convictions made him a one dimensional criminal.
Next up on "Worlds Worst Life Decisions"...
kiss stop playing many moon ago
And after finding out the right eye shark fin would cost almost double, Outlaw settled for a tat entitled "Poo Dome Over/Under".
I bet it was for tax evasion. Oh wait, yeah you are probably right.
I bet he got arrested for tattooing outlaw on his neck while committing a murder..thats what an outlaw would do