MUG SHOTS: Tattoos

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You know, man, I gave it great thought and decided I could best stand up for the white race by getting a bunch of tattoos on my head and spending lots of time in prison.
The dude behind the silhouette avatar on
Just because his mommy and daddy where skinheads, did that mean they were also brother and sister?
5150 is correct!
1488. This guy is a white supremacist. This should read 14 88. The 14 is for the 14 words that are their slogan. Something about "saving the white race, and white children" I don't remember all of it. Do a google search if you want to know. The 88 is for the letter "H". (the 8th letter of the alphabet) It stands for "Heil Hitler" In addition, the words on his forehead are "KKK Assassin", not his address. I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley. The skinheads/neo-nazis/white supremacists like to use baseball bats and steeled toed boots on people. (Watch gangland on NatGeo, you can learn a lot)
satan loss one !!
I can sum this one up in 3 words- Hates. Black. People.
Naw y'all, 51-50!!! I AM C'RAZEE!!! Don't mess with me. Like I said, why spend the pain, money, and time to get a piece of crap on your neck? With a little more scratch, you coulda been rulin the foodcourt, NECK VORTEX.
Ah yes, 1488 was a memorable year. For it was in February of that year that Ch'oe Pu (1454–1504), the Korean Commissioner of Registers for the island of Cheju, shipwrecked on the southeast coast of China in Taizhou, Zhejiang, during the Ming Dynasty. From then until July 12 he and his crew were hosted by Chinese military courier officers to travel along the Grand Canal of China, all the way to Beijing, and then finally back across the Yalu River into Korea. Never Forget!
When I was little, I could never remember my address so my mom and dad tattooed it on my forehead in case I got lost. That way, I always could get home thanks to the kindness of strangers. Too bad, it wasn't my actual address. I wonder whatever happened to mom & dad?
It's always the people that your last suspect, looks like the guy next door.