MUG SHOTS: Tattoos

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Wouldnt advertise it...
Don't mess with Texas. Ever. They Nads off their eyebrows.
texas correctional cumdump
tx dept of correction alumi(cell queen)
Texas made, never get laid. Just didn't have the cash to finish the tattoo.
Suburban thug walks into a beauty Salon and asks for the "Pink Floyd" on his eyebrows. While getting them removed, he brags to all the housewives how he's hitting the tattoo parlor next.
First off, Texas sucks!!! Second, search Plastic Strickland Band to find out why. Thirdly, what a douche.
I was going for the Whoopi Goldberg no-eyebrows look, but it didn't enhance my appearance as I had hoped. I had to cover it up with something.
Texas doesn't want you spreading that around.
you sir are not doing Texas proud