MUG SHOTS: Strippers

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WTF is that?!?!
Looks like an albino assassin from The Davinci Code.
Oh man :( now my eyes are trying to leave my head!
More like BoxyLady.
I just threw up in my mouth, a little bit. I can't imagine "it" taking off it's clothes for a living. That's would be an image I could never get out of my head. Who does her makeup? Krylon?
Oh hell,just run
Man Alert! Well, she is abit manish. Did I say that out loud? Oh behaaaave.
Equal opportunity employment at work here.
why arrest that....u know it's punishment enough to go through life looking like that!!!
How about that, a cross dressing Barbee.....
Chris Farley's little sister!
Uncle Harry has got a brand new bag!
FoxyLady..hahahahahahaha REFUND
That's just gross....
FOXYLADY.........ehhhh I don't think so