MUG SHOTS: Pretty Perps

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Are U kidding girl? blue is your color, U were born to wear that uniform...I think black combines well...yes, I'll buy a black leather beltcuff for U...don't be worried, U'll feel comfortable at your new cell at my home
look all around you, there are plenty of witty, clever, funny things...all being said... but not by you. You have one note.. which is some lame-a** tasteless b.s. about poor girls winding up in your house locked up in a cell. I guess that's just the only way you can ever get a girl to stay for even 10 seconds in your'll have to lock 'em up so that can't run screaming from you & your psycho-b.s.
I bet she wished she hadn't let her Kate Gosselin haircut grow out so much.
uh, uh........GUILTY!