MUG SHOTS: Cleavage

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You ain't going now where and you are going to do me again...
When she got the tat, she was about a 105lbs, soaking wet. Since she has gotten "bigger" the tat has stretched a little here and there. This is why I think you should have to pass a test to go out in public, dressed like this. The butterfly on her back from when she was 18 now looks like mothra from the old godzilla movies. Don't want to know about the "tramp stamp", some things are best left to the imagination. Don't try to visuallize it, you will never be able to get that image out of your head.
Only the classy girls get tats on their chest. This one seems very bright, too.
hey, it's vulcan for "tap this"
looks like the tweeker under the bridge did that tattoo either that or the the actuale tattoo artist was blitzed out of his mind