MUG SHOTS: Classics

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Sadly Jolene left him. She felt he was just not commited enough to the movement.
his face is painted with a magical permanent marker!
His lover got carried away with the tattoos,ya think??
for a proud white guy he sure has a lot of black skin...
otice the word fun under his lips. we know what he does in prison lol
I'm not sure the Justice Department can punish this guy anymore than he is already punishing himself...
nice bubble swatstika
Mighty Moron White Power Ranger.
this is a guy who while in prison here in utah said he needed medical help, got the cop to take off the shackles for him to have a ct scan, got his gun, shot and killed him and then hijacked cars and went and took the people in a burger king hostage. it is going to be a death penalty case too. oh and the guy wants to be able to cover up the tattoos with makeup so the jury does not see the real him. the guy is scum
Sorry that position has been filled sir.
"Hi, I don't want to go any further in life. I like it in prison."
Wasn't he a former tour guide at the Jewish Heritage Museum?
Don't these people realize that they don't wash off?
well he must have been a beautiful baby
damn electric tatoo pen i told him not to plug it in the wall socket.
This ole boy is a cop-killer. If I remember he was only in prison for a petty theft charge until killed a jailer and escaped.
"Hello sir, I'm here to pick up your daughter.
Jolene is a lucky girl!
Perhaps a teency weency bit over confident about that next job interview.