MUG SHOTS: Bad Attitude

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It doesn't look like they're applying a great amount of pressure so I doubt that they're choking him. I fact, it looks more like he's passed out and they're having to hold him up in front of the camera. The camera's probably on a wall mount so they couldn't lay him down on the floor and take a shot from over him. So, calm down monster shouters.
Amputee grows thumb back, news at 11.
the suspect was generally un-cooperative
Yep, another perfect candidate for public defender .... yes sir ... call my attorney. The cops were nice enough to photograph the abuse. There is video too.
Yeah, mean ole police officers. If an arrestee doesn't want to be photographed so be it. And if he doesn't want to go into the cell, why you can't drag them in either. And don't ever think of putting on handcuffs when you arrest someone. Oh wait, this is the real world, not the one where you think police making someone take his booking photo warrants it being called abuse.
at least there is good profile of the cop mugging him up
what police dept. is this? they gotta stop choking people!
Nah, he's not dead...he's just resting his eyes.
Poor Clinton this is the only way to get him to spit out burger king food.