MUG SHOTS: Bad Attitude

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I didnt do it! It was the keebler elves!
Kevin Garnett.
Dat mo fo say I touch da white girl. But I'z didn't.
Naaaa, hell naaa, I ain't done tripin fool, ya beter getz me some damn space basing-killer weed-dust-flake up n thiz holy place 4 I go balistic on ALL ya al priest holden me hostage!!! 4 REAL!!! I AINT PlaYin!!
Im asking nice now....get these damn pubes off my lip!!
I said it was a three!
I'm tired of these mother****in snakes on this mother****in plane!!!
He's still flying high on whatever got him there.
"I told you Mutha Fka, put down my Gawd Da&* purse!!!"
Bill Cosby's estranged brother.