MUG SHOTS: Television

Dawn Wells

Gilligan's Island star Dawn Wells, who played the role of Mary Ann on the 1960s sitcom, posed for the below Teton County, Idaho mug shots after pleading guilty in February 2008 to one count of reckless driving. Wells, 69, was arrested in October after cops allegedly observed her car swerving and speeding up and slowing down repeatedly. A search of her vehicle revealed two small cases used to store marijuana as well as four half-smoked joints. As part of her plea deal, Wells was sentenced to five days in jail, six months probation, and fined $410.50.

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I always knew Mary Ann was cooler than that bitch, Ginger! I'll bet she blows all her grandson's buddies at his pot-parties in her basement. Whatta gal!
66 centimeters?!?! That's just under 2 feet tall...
in her mind shes still on the island
Atta girl, nobody is perfect, and it would appear we share a vice. Aint that a shame!
Smoke on Mary Ann