Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Mug Shot
Country music star Willie Nelson was arrested in November 2010 and charged with pot possession after six ounces of marijuana was found on his tour bus at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas. The 77-year-old Nelson, who claimed ownership of the pot, was booked into the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office lockup and released after he posted $2500 bond. If convicted of the drug charge, the singer faces up to six months in jail.

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Pot Head Extraordinaire
God bless willie. Talk about awesomeness and standing up.
You the man Willie! I looked up cool in the dictionary and it just had a picture of you.
Wow . What a easy bust. See Willy's bus drive by, and you are guaranteed a pot procession charge. Yes .. COP's have nothing better to do than harass the old, and semi-retired tax payers of Texas.
What a waste of police resources - arresting marijuana smokers just minding their own personal business!
I am a Willie Nelson fan, pot or no pot, but you guys need to learn there's a difference between ICE agents and Austin Police Officers.
There are more deaths linked to pepole drinking and driving or drinking to much, then there is from pepole smoking weed. What are they going 2 do: get the MUNCHIES and eat themself to death? U dont want to do alot when ur high much less put the effort into finding your keys (can take awhile), walking to car, and finally driving. Takes way 2 much effort. Willie is just smoking what the earth grows!!!!
Thank goodness this dangerous 77 year old pothead is off the streets. Nice work, U.S. Border Patrol.
No kidding. what a joke. Oh no Willie, yikes!!! Keep away from us, you might be too high on life, and we just don't like that! Oh swell, now I truly feel like we're safe again. Thank you, to the walking tomatos with arms & 46 inch waists, that put an end to your heinous crime. I would bet it is safe to say that his pot is not Mexican dirt, but rather the sweet chron from Nor Cal. WE LOVE YOU WILLIE & keep on smokin!
Everybody knows Willie does pot. Are they just following him around to harrass him ?