MUG SHOTS: Killers

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson was photographed by the California Department of Corrections in June 2007. Housed on death row at San Quentin State Prison, Peterson was found guilty in 2005 of killing his wife Laci and their unborn son Conner.

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what a worthless piece of crap - maybe he found a new lover - BUBBA !!!!
I am curious as to what makes you think he is innocent. I followed this case and did not see one thing that made me question his guilt. Even the information obtained from his own family and friends and mistress showed proof of his guilt. I feel for his families loss but personally can not wait for the day he gets what is coming to him.
Ok this is what makes me think that he is not gultiy....first if you watch more carefuly you will hear Laci's mother saying "They don't know anything about you" to her brother......second.........the think that is the first a married has lied about being married.....and if course she would make shiat up......she was angry......and that wouldn't be the first time someone lied on the stand.....and don't let me forget the shovle and rope.....look at would he did for living
Thank you.... Glad to know you are a free thinking preson. I'm doing a movie to let the world know the real story. Cause like I said killing him is murder
Everyone knows he is incent...
OMG....I love this site because it lets me know how many sheep are really out there and how many people are out there that can think for them sleves. And wow to the people that think the people like me think that he is incent cause he is good looking make me sick. His looks have nothing to do with it I mean I watch lock up and some of the men on there are really good looking and they are gulity as sin. So all the people that are talking shiat about him and getting ass raped....You really are stupid they are in there own cells you moron.....and yea why don't you do this start thinking for your self if you want to me a grown up act like it and stop being a sheep and letting the T.V, news papers, and radio tell you what to think....and you will see the world as a better place. Peace and Love, Killing a killer is justice but killing an incent man is murder so don't let them murder Scott Peterson
killed his own wife and kid...and he is proud...lowest of the low right here people...
what a lil bitch smirk ... I'd whack it right off his face.
I honestly think that people that think killers are hot should be in jail. two this guys is so guilty and needs to be atleast put in jail for life.;
I honestly think that people that think killers are hot should be in jail. two this guys is so guilty and needs to be atleast put in jail for life.;
I thought Scotty Peterson was a sick pup, but some of the comments posted here are almost as sick as he is! "He is a good man" and "what a good looking man" -- I'm sure you guys will soon have your mug shots posted here!!
MFer grinning like he just won the Lotto
My hero !
circumstance because of a messed up system.So to all think all at ass rape shiat. Go take a flying leap. Grow up
I had to make a new one to tell you off. You stupid little sheep. You have no idea about anything about Scott Peterson. He is a good man that unfortunately is in an unfortunate
I met a man that was his college room mate. The guy is guilty as hell. He has always been a sleaze. And didn't want to be married to Laci even back then.
i think you r a sick person to have any likeing of this s.o.b. sure hope he is getting something up his ass every night.put him in general pop. and c what happens to him
He didn't do it.......Free Scott Peterson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rather smug isn't he? He'll waste the taxpayers money for years on appeals. SAVE A TREE! Kill him soon!
Here's hoping you're getting ass raped every night in prison.
I tthink Scott Peterson is very handsome!! and had I met him before all of this who knows what could have happened, he had the wrong girlfriend, she was an ugly, and skinny thing, with a big mouth.
You are as sick as the other tramp posting stuff about this scumbag. Scott Peterson was a selfish bastard and if what they found in his car when he was arrested is anything to go by he would have committed another murder, more than likely his little skank on the side .
put this dude out of his misery, hes takeing up air.