MUG SHOTS: Killers

Alex and Derek King

Florida brothers Alex (left) and Derek King pleaded guilty in November 2002 to killing their father with a baseball bat and then setting their house on fire. Alex, 13, will serve seven years in prison while his 14-year-old brother received eight years for third-degree murder and arson.

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Alex King Released from Prison. He was released on Wednesday morning, April 9, 2008 at 9:45 a.m. after serving six years for his part in his father’s death.Derek was released released in May 2009.
keep them in jail - they will kill again
Wow muders come in all ages.....Also someone killing there father makes me sick cause I just lost mine not to long ago. I would give or do anything to spend if only 15 mins with him. So I hope it plays in there mind over and over like a bad movie. Also I hope they die in prison
DAMN the devil is busy. They look like little babies
So did they say why they did it was there dad mean to them...or are they just spoiled brats?
maybe their father was a vicious evil b**tard. Ever think of that?
there father beat them
how can someone that young do such a thing when i was there age my biggist worry was getting out of JR high
I guess these little murders are free now!!