MUG SHOTS: Gangsters

Donald Frankos

The above New York State Department of Corrections mug shot pictures Donald Frankos, the convicted murderer responsible for the legendary urban myth that Jimmy Hoffa was buried under Section 107 at Giants Stadium. Frankos's fantasy, which has been laughed off by federal investigators, surfaced in a 1989 Playboy interview in which he claimed to be part of the hit team that clipped the ex-Teamsters boss in July 1975. Frankos contended that Hoffa's corpse was then cut up, placed in a barrel, and trucked over 600 miles from Detroit to New Jersey. There, the 10-gallon drum was purportedly dropped into a ditch at the Giants Stadium construction site and covered with concrete. Because, of course, there was no suitable place to dispose of a body in the Motor City.

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Whatever the case, he got a little toilet paper in his hair.
Dat'l happen in da jernt.